Spinner Round is producing in four different sizes (weights) and huge range of modern design colors. We use several types of foils, such as special 3D mosaic stickers and labels with special colors, which are the most attractive for fishing. The quality of the final treatment is on the highest level.

It is characterized by top quality corrosion protection in several layers and it makes our spinners permanent in all fishing conditions. With brass bodies (weights) we determine weights of spinner. We use high quality treble hooks.

With Spinner Round you can fishing in all conditions and waters.

Several dimensions, unique design, universal lure

Top quality material, special, rust proof final machining (copper, nickel, chromium)

Mosaic 3D stickers: silver, gold, red, blue, fluo green


Name Weight (gr) Length (mm) Width (mm)
SPR #2 5 28 15
SPR #3 7 32 17.5
SPR #4 10 41 20
SPR #5 14 41 20

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